From How unfortunate GMB’s Piers Morgan wasn’t there to unequivocally give Sadiq Khan a grilling, regarding his failure to tackle soaring knife crime in London. Let’s look at Sadiq Khan’s priorities before knife crime; Ban junk food adverts on buses Pedestrianise Oxford street for cyclists (causing worse traffic in an already crowded and congested city) Go to Texas at the taxpayers expense to deliver a whining speech about ‘hate speech’. Gender neutral public toilets Terrorism? That’s just part the parcel of living in a capital city Oh yes, and opposing a state visit from the democratically elected president of the … Continue reading From

Kanye West: Persecuted for free thinking?

When Kanye West met African- American Conservative, author and youtuber Candace Owens. He said ‘I like her way of thinking’. This is what Kanye West had to say in an interview at The TMZ Headquarters ‘When you hear about slavery for 400 years. 400 years? That sounds like a choice.’ This statement from Kanye West was followed by a backlash from the mainstream media when his words were taken entirely out of context! Detroit radio station 105. 1 The Bounce decided to #mutekanyewest because they ‘had enough’. Did they even consider a democratic polling vote from the listeners? On the … Continue reading Kanye West: Persecuted for free thinking?