Do we still need social(ist) media?

On 6th August, big tech giant companies including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (owned by Google) banned Infowars. Even Apple and Spotify expunged the entire Alex Jones podcasts for alleged ‘hate speech’.

The social media purge will no doubt backfire on the liberal elite owned tech giants. The reason being Alex Jones has a myriad of followers and most of them will continue to support his alternative media outlet with a strong possibility of abandoning the mainstream social media altogether!

If these social(ist) media giants want to ban or shadow ban (censor) pages- or demonetise videos with patriotic content, conservative news, support for traditional values, Christianity or any anti-establishment free thinking– then they are faced with an overwhelming mammoth of a task!

These days everyone is a blogger, a journalist or a habitual opinion publishing critic and they can’t silence everyone! Especially when so many of us who value free speech are willing to call out ‘hate speech’ policies for what they are! Opinion policing bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Thought Police of George Orwell’s 1984 novel.


The silent majority is sick of authoritarian ruling elites telling us what we can and can’t say, read or watch- with the added assistance of their militant minorities enforcements, such as; Islamists, Black Lives Matter, embittered feminists, Antifa and LGBTQPI communities.

Every day, in addition to a wide range of existing alternative media outlets e.g. Rebel Media, Sargon of Akkad, Conservative Review, etc there are hundreds of thousands of new pages appearing on Facebook, accounts on Twitter and YouTube channels in direct opposition to;

  • Political correctness
  • Globalism
  • Socialism
  • Cultural Marxism
  • Feminism and
  • LGBT bullying of Christian bakers who refuse to bake a wedding cake to celebrate same-sex marriage.

Since Facebook banned Britain FirstAlbion First appeared, then Paul Golding Supporters was set up to honour the BF leader. Golding is also taking FB to court on the grounds of political discrimination (which is illegal in Northern Ireland) to counteract the social network’s claims of…. yep you guessed it ‘Hate speech’!

The Infowars page on Facebook is gone, but there are still Infowars groups and affiliated pages up and running.

Twitter banned Tommy Robinson before he received a prison sentence in May for ‘contempt of court’ charges. Before Robinson’s release at the beginning of August, numerous groups and pages popped up on Facebook with the following titles ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ ‘Tommy Robinson Supporters’ and more.
10th August Twitter suspended Gavin McInnes‘ account their reason being ‘the account violated the company’s policies prohibiting violent extremist groups’ as reported by Buzzfeed. Antifa associated groups and individuals are still active on all social media- despite countless videos of Antifa activists violently attacking people at rallies, demos and protests!

Any of these counter-cultural groups, pages, channels or accounts could be targeted next and Controversial Conservative/ Controvocon is certainly no exception!

The good news is- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not the only platforms on the internet. There is instead of Twitter, instead of Facebook and BitChute or Vidme instead of YouTube.

You can give them feedback based on what you think has made mainstream social media successful plus any criticisms you have. For example; Too many irrelevant sponsored ads or unable to share some content and of course- the lack of privacy (google Cambridge Analytica).

The mainstream media (including social media) is 96% controlled by the liberal elite. We might as well allow the social justice warriors to submit to the dominant culture -as they bash Donald Trump and whine about Brexit until they get bored because there’s no-one left to call ‘racist’ or ‘Nazi’.

Meanwhile, all the ‘MAGAs‘ (Make America Great Again) and all the ‘Gammon‘ (a pejorative term for Leave voters) are not dictating to anyone on how to live their lives. Nor are we being dictated to by the PC brigade champagne socialists, as we build upon genuine free speech communities leading them from obscure to awesome!

We’re not a secret society, you are welcome to join us whatever your political views are for a diplomatic discussion and a debate. We can agree on some issues, disagree on others and in a civilised manner- agree to disagree. And that is what freedom of speech online is all about!

Images courtesy of Pixabay- Special thanks to Alexas- fotos.

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