World At War Part 4: The nuclear threat of Iran

Iran map

Welcome to Part 4 of The World at War Series. In this instalment, we will examine the nuclear threat posed by Iran on the World stage.

We will look into the relationship Iran has with Russia, and how their alliance poses a threat as we approach World War Three.

WW3 explosion

Iran nuclear arms deal

After two Gulf wars and the assassination of Sadam Hussein, there was no evidence of any weapons of mass destruction located in Iraq. Could it be because they were in Iran all this time?

For more information about the Gulf Wars click here: World At War part 2: The Iraq conflict

In 2015 The Obama administration decided to cut a nuclear arms deal with Iran which also involves The United Kingdom, The EU, China and Russia. A key point Donald Trump declared in his manifesto was to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, calling it ‘A bad deal!’

The reason being, Iran is currently allowed to possess these nuclear weapons as long as they don’t use them despite their threats to Israel dating back to 2012. Iran’s military chief of staff in a speech at a conference in Tehran declared: “The Iranian nation is standing for its cause and that is the full annihilation of Israel.”

It comes as no surprise that Palestinian terrorists Hamas and Hezbollah who frequently pose a threat to Israel are funded by Iran. But what Iran has in store is capable of destroying a third of humanity, let alone the annihilation of Israel!

Iran Russia connection

Russia Iran

Previously in part three click here: The World At War part 3: Crisis in Syria we established Russia’s support for the Shia Muslim minority opposed to their Sunni Muslim majority enemies backed by the west.

Iran is the most recognised Shia Muslim nation on earth, but their alliance with Russia predates the Islamic Republic formation in 1979. In fact, the relationship between Russia and Iran goes as back as 1521 between the Grand Duchy of Moscow and what was then The Persian empire.

Russia was known as the (USSR) Union of Socialist Soviet Republic from 1921 until 1991. The USSR was the first nation to recognise the Islamic Republic of Iran officially, although the Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini deemed the religious principles of Islam incompatible with atheism entwined with Communism.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Iran started to purchase more weapons from Russia. In 1992 Russia formed their response to NATO- known as the Collective Security Treaty Organisation which consists of six former Soviet states and Iran is the only country in Western Asia to be invited to join.

The West has sanctioned Iran because of their atrocious human rights record, but Russia has always been willing to trade with Iran especially where weapons and artillery are concerned. By the mid-nineties, Russia helped Iran to develop their nuclear programme.

‘I swear, if they (the Islamic State savages) ever bomb Russia, in half an hour every Muslim will die.’ Vladimir Putin

Russia is a powerful ally, and by now much of the Islamic world should know that they would be a lot worse off if they had Russia for an enemy.

In the next instalment we will examine Turkey as the final angel is released and evaluate the threat they pose to world peace.

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