Kanye West: Persecuted for free thinking?

When Kanye West met African- American Conservative, author and youtuber Candace Owens. He said ‘I like her way of thinking’.

This is what Kanye West had to say in an interview at The TMZ Headquarters ‘When you hear about slavery for 400 years. 400 years? That sounds like a choice.’

This statement from Kanye West was followed by a backlash from the mainstream media when his words were taken entirely out of context! Detroit radio station 105. 1 The Bounce decided to #mutekanyewest because they ‘had enough’. Did they even consider a democratic polling vote from the listeners?

On the contrary, it was quite a specific statement to make, although it may have been bluntly delivered at first.

Kanye stressed in this instance, he declared slavery as a state of mind with no need to continue. In no way, shape or form was he playing down or even condoning actual, physical slavery.

The question is ‘Where did 400 years come from?’ In The Bible; Genesis chapter 15, God said to Abram ‘You will have many descendants, they will be slaves in a foreign land for 400 years’.

On a fundamental basis, Kanye West may believe in God. Jesus said in the book of John 15:18 ‘The world hated me first’. It’s precisely what happens when you tell people what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear.

The Israelites (Children of Israel) were slaves in Egypt for 400 years, before wandering in the Wilderness for another 40 years.

The journey through the Wilderness to The Promised Land (Israel) was only supposed to be 11 days, but their complaining and lack of faith hindered their destiny.

However, Jews today don’t appear to show any signs of unforgiveness to; The Egyptian Pharoah, The Babylonian captives, The Roman Empire or even The Nazis since the Holocaust!

Israel as a nation has also flourished and prospered, in the business of medicine and technology. Although the Jews only make up only 0.2% of the world’s population, they are one of the wealthiest ethnic groups on the planet. Therefore setting a perfect example of a victorious, overcoming attitude over a victim mentality.

Ever since slavery as we know it was abolished, a wilderness mentality has been on display from many black people, in particular, those who have not become athletes, politicians, musicians, actors, doctors, lawyers or entrepreneurs, etc. A bitter disdain dwells on how their ancestors may have been treated to this day!

Much of the time, successful black people are referred to as ‘Uncle Toms’ or ‘coconuts’ even by petulant white leftists!

It is also problematic when people from white working class backgrounds better themselves; only to be told by lazy, jealous non-achievers ‘You’ve forgotten your roots’.

When school pupils obtain good grades, they are often subjected to name calling such as; ‘swot’ or ‘teacher’s pet’ from obnoxious bullies. And regardless of race or social class, many of us are all too familiar with this rebellious, success sneering culture.

It typically leads to the ‘World owes us a living’ mentality, while being dependent on welfare, benefits and living in state housing.

On the subject of those living a defeated life, how can I help what my ancestors may or may not have been responsible for? Do I sit in a classroom and be lectured by a Marxist professor about White Guilt?

When I’m in my hometown in South East England, I see many homeless people begging. Guess what colour and gender they are? They are mostly white males born in the UK.

Henceforth de-bunking the white male privilege myth. It is commonly propagated by volatile third wave feminists and social justice warriors, having been indoctrinated by Marxist professors at universities.

The real reason Kanye West is now disliked is that he dared to think differently and encourage others to do the same.

Black people supporting Donald Trump has doubled since Kanye West showed his support for Trump.

Back in 2016 Kanye West had a breakdown, visited Donald Trump and returned to the scene following what he described as a ‘breakthrough.’

Conclusively, the need to be encouraged to renew our minds (see Romans 12:2), reveals an optimistic light at the end of the tunnel. And Kanye West, we salute you!

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