Britain’s Borders: Free speech activists denied UK entry

To continue this series on Britain’s Borders, Brittany Pettibone was refused entry into the UK in March 2018. This was because of her scheduled interview with former Rebel Media journalist and Luton born activist Tommy Robinson (Is that it)?

Brittany’s partner Martin Sellner, leader of Generation Identity from Austria was going to deliver a speech at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t be there, because he too was banned from entering the UK. And also detained at Luton airport, but before Tommy Robinson eloquently delivered the speech on his behalf, Martin said to Tommy ‘You can stop the speaker, but you can’t stop the speech.’ As quoted in an interview they had following their denied entry into the UK.

Tommy Robinson delivers Martin Sellner’s speech at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park

Last but not least, Canadian former Rebel Media journalist Lauren Southern was denied entry into the UK at the borders in Calais, France.

During Lauren Southern’s previous visit, Lauren set up a stall with her associates in Luton town centre where Lauren and the team distributed fliers, referering to Allah as being an all accepting God who loves Gay and transgender people.

Unsurprisingly local Muslims took offence to what is contrary to their beliefs, as a result of a risky audacious experiment.

Just as a combination of shocked and intrigued passers-by started to notice the potential eruption brewing up, the Police decided it was time for Lauren and co to depart.

To be fair, it was most probably in the best interest of their own personal safety. Because offended muslims when the numbers are high, can be extremely dangerous .

Although I don’t recall any arrests being made, no one was charged and certainly no deportations happened. Therefore it’s difficult to understand, why a baffled and concerned Lauren Southern was denied entry into the UK most recently.

Nonetheless, much of the mainstream media decided to label the three journalists as ‘far right wing’. And accused them of spreading hate, when all they do is point out hypocrisy and injustice.

On the contrary, mocking Christianity is considered fair game in our society, but criticizing Islam is deemed ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobic’.

Lauren Southern was out to prove a point, in reference to a poignant pro gay, anti-christ article published by left-wing media outlet Vice in July 2015!

Click here:-

On the subject of refusing those who ‘spread hate’ into the UK. December 17th, 2016 The Guardian reported; Syed Muzzaffar Shah Qadri, a Muslim cleric, banned from preaching in mosques in Pakistan, was allowed entry into the UK. He was preaching hatred for the infidels in British mosques!

Qadri publicly praised Mumtaz Qadri, the murderer of a politician in Pakistan by the name of Salman Taseer, who opposed the sharia compliant blasphemy laws.

In reference to my previous blog; Generation Windrush stay, Jihadis and criminals go! Almost 500 jihadis who fought for ISIS have returned home to the UK from Syria since the collapse of their Caliphate.

Here is what a Home Office spokesman had to say about the three young informative activists:

Border Force has the power to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good.” However, there were no specific reasons given by the home office to clarify as to why the ‘right wing’ activists were denied entry.

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